New General Law of Human Settlements, Territorial Ordering and Urban Development.

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On November 28th, 2016, a decree was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation that issued the new General Law of Human Settlements, Territorial Ordering and Urban Development and Article 3 of the Planning Law is reformed, which came into force the day after its publication.


The purpose of this new law is to regulate and order the use of territory and human settlements in the country, as well as the fulfillment of the State’s obligations to promote, respect, protect and guarantee them. This will require coordination between the federal, state and municipal governments.


Some important aspects of the new Law are the following:


•The creation of a National Council for Territorial Planning and Urban Development, which will be an advisory, pluralistic and citizen participation body convened by the Secretary of the Territorial and Urban Development Secretariat for consultation, counseling, monitoring and evaluation of national policies in this matter.


•The “urban resilience” and “risk prevention” figures such as the resilience of a community exposed to a hazard to prevent, assimilate, mitigate, adapt and recover from its effects in the short term and efficiently by means of the preservation and restoration of its basic and functional structures, to achieve an efficient future protection and to improve risk reduction  measures.


•The implementation of a national system of democratic planning in order to plan, regulate and evaluate the territorial ordering of Human Settlements and Urban Development of Population Centers.

•It establishes a citizen complaint procedure whereby any person, physical or moral, can report any fact, act and omission that contravenes the provisions of this Law and may require that the security measures and sanctions are applied. The report may be exercised in writing or electronically.


The Decree establishes in its transitory articles that the authorities of the three orders of government will have a term of 1 year, counted from the entry into force of the Decree, to adapt all the legal and regulatory provisions related to this new Law.


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