Cancun: a power in health tourism.

Foreigners access health services with less cost and with the same technologies, guarantees and standards.



Written by BL. Fernando Doblado R.

The health industry is a highly competitive and complex global service industry, which is continuously growing. At an international level this industry has an annual increase of 4%. Mexico’s approach in this area is aimed at medical tourism and wellness tourism, which aims to improve the health and thus is that it develops in an economically and socially sustainable way, the economy of certain regions of the country.

Globalization has helped people everywhere with the sufficient resources to have access to health services, with better costs, less waiting time and the same guarantees and quality standards than in their countries of origin which at another time they did not have.

The most important insurance companies worldwide have policies that allow customers to receive medical treatment in other countries.

Mexico has not missed this opportunity, the private medical sector, especially tertiary hospitals, those that are equipped with latest technology having specialized doctors are now competing with similar hospitals in the rest of the world. Considering the cost savings, travel times, cultural affinity and the warm personalized service, Mexico is he most viable option for foreign patients mainly from Canada and the United States.

Much of the offer of medical tourism in our country stands out for services offered in the areas of cardiology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, gastrosurgery, oncology, orthopedics and gynecology, among others.

As of to this date Mexico is a destination 2% of the global health tourism.

The quality and safety accreditation is a fundamental issue for the development of the health tourism. Nationally hospitals and medical clinics that are certified with the JCI (Joint Commission International), an institution that is responsible for certifying on quality, safety and efficiency of the health services; said hospitals are in Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Mexico City, Jalisco and Quintana Roo.

Currently there are around 10,000 patients visiting Cancun with the intention to nurse their health.

The Tourism Ministry estimates to receive 450 thousand patients this year.

Therefore institutions such as the Galenia Hospital de Cancun (same that has the above mentioned certification), are working to improve the health infrastructure to become a global benchmark and with the excellence in its services contribute to local economic development.

Security, infrastructure and quality in the service turns the attention to Cancun as a potential destination for health tourism.

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